Today is Mother’s Day in Australia—14 May 2023, so let’s celebrate mothers. Where would we be without them? Happy Mother’s day to my mum. Note: the woman in the photo is not my mum, but a much-loved ancestor.

Now for my confession. Mother’s Day has made me reflect on how mothers appear in my books.

Unfortunately, too often in novels, mothers can be plot devices, used to set up a particular story—wicked witch, kindly soul, cipher, siren, competitor, collaborator, destroyer of dreams, or creator of hope. Regardless, they have a huge impact on the lead protagonists either though their presence or absence. And I don’t mean actual presence or absence in the book. They can loom without ever appearing on the page or uttering a word.

In Taylor’ Law & Grace Under Fire—The Anderson Sisters, Ella and Grace’s mother is a wonderful woman, who had a tractor accident some years ago and has struggled with her health since. Her health is her defining feature. Her husband borrowed money to pay for her medical care, and in turn was swindled out of prime farmland in exchange for the debt. The impact this has had on her daughters’ choices is significant, especially their ability to trust. Ella left university to help with caring, but also to provide extra income for her family. Her passion is justice. Grace’s passion is the family farm, and she’s determined not to lose another acre. There are also two mothers who died before the books open, a third who’s made mistakes, and a fourth is a single mother who struggled to make ends meet.

See how cavalier I am with mothers.

In Planting Hope, July 2023, mothers are largely invisible. Invisible in the sense that only one physically appears in the book. But mothers are omnipresent because a theme is how gardening can help children dealing with the impact of domestic violence. Planting Hope does include a tart, no-nonsense grandmother who’s irresistible.

Lela’s Choice, December 2023, has two main protagonists. Lela’s beloved mother died young, while I’m pleased to announce that Hamish’s mother is alive and kicking, and mentioned, as is his whole family, very positively.

2024 brings my next series – Choosing Families. You can guess from the series title that some of the characters might be less than satisfied with the family members they were born with. Talking about mothers can trigger nightmares or the deepest love and everything in between.

Oh dear! Rest assured love does conquer all, and there’s plenty of lightness to be found in my books. Also friendship and passion in the twists and turns.

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