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The Anderson Sisters-Giveaway

In March last year, I’d barely begun my writer’s journey. I was feeling my way. I’m still feeling my way, but I’ve learnt a lot. Things that have changed between then and now? Things that haven’t changed? GIVEAWAY: To mark my first year I’m giving away a copy of Taylor’s Law & Grace Under Fire (The Anderson Sisters) to a new subscriber to my website before 20 April 2023. Australia—paperback or e-book (winner’s choice); International—e-book. Find me on: You can also send me a message via the contact link on this site. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Taylor’s Law—Postscript—22 months later

“How did you convince Tess to keep a secret? She usually blurts out everything she’s seen, heard or done during the day.” Ella’s marriage to Jake had given Tess the security to blossom. “I was strategic. Took her for an ice-cream after pre-school yesterday. Figured she wouldn’t last twenty-four hours. I asked if she could look after Kit, while I took you away for a night. Said I wanted to give you a surprise.” Jake sent Ella a sideways grin, his voice a rumbling caress. “She said she’d need help. We negotiated, and agreed nana and grandpa could help.” That…

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2023 is here

Not everyone celebrates the new year on 1 January. In 2023 Chinese New Year falls on 22 January, Islamic New Year in mid-July, Jewish in mid-September, while other religions and states celebrate the new year on other dates. Not everyone is looking forward to what’s ahead. The world is beset by war, exploitation, inequality and climate disasters impacting unevenly on populations—things I find impossible to ignore. But on some days I also need to draw breath and take a few hours away from the real world—even optimists need a little escapism from time to time, need to give ourselves a happy…

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Reading and books

Recently, I heard a senior Australian politician talking about the place of books in his childhood. You only owned a book if you received it as a Christmas or birthday present. If you wanted to read at any other time of year, you relied on the library. He was lucky enough to live in a big regional town with a range of books to satisfy both his intellectual curiosity and his imagination. I’ve spent a large part of my life teaching literacy—literacy in your first language, literacy in your second language. Both can be a challenge—sometimes insurmountable. I’ve taught adolescents…

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Weeding and editing can be creative

Recently, I’ve been helping to clean a house that provided a home for an older single man for fifteen years. He was an active and engaged resident, who carefully tended his home, loved his garden, and connected with his neighbours. COVID-19 shook him, making him anxious about himself and others, so he hunkered down, and his mental and physical health declined over the long period of lockdowns and restrictions. He was adamant he didn’t want to go to a nursing home, but after a fall and becoming unsteady on his feet, that appeared to be his only option. Before arrangements…

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