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Inkspell Publishing:
ISBN (ebook) 978-1-958136-36-2
(print) 978-1-958136-37-9

Book 2 for The Anderson Sisters

Grace Under Fire

By Jennifer Raines

It’s deal or no deal when a new threat forces two independent neighbours to face a past tragedy.

Artisan cheese-maker GRACE ANDERSON lost her closest friend to suicide, then saw her father swindled out of prime dairy land. Abandonment and mistrust cemented her determination to become the fifth generation on the family farm and to do it alone. A deterioration in her mother’s health starts the clock. Grace has three months to buy her parents out — a decade sooner than planned — or lose the farm.

Neighbour RYAN WILSON is haunted by the belief he failed to prevent his younger brother Danny’s suicide. He’s returned to sell his mother’s farm. In eight years away, he’s built a fortune flipping farm properties and doesn’t do attachment—to land or people.

The bank plays hard ball, forcing Grace to consider Ryan’s offer to buy part of her land. The sizzling attraction simmering between them is an unwelcome complication. She doesn’t want a business partner, he doesn’t want to care, but when someone tries to sabotage her purchase, she finds herself turning to Ryan for more than financial help.

Can Ryan convince her accepting help is not failure? Can Grace escape her legacy of mistrust and teach him how to care again?

Taylor’s Law

By Jennifer Raines

Tell me a secret and I’ll tell you a lie.

Ella Anderson adores her niece. Despite struggling to make ends meet, accepting her dying sister’s request she raise Tessa as her own is a no brainer. Until she receives a summons from a legal goliath on behalf of a wealthy stranger claiming paternity and, potentially, custody of her child.

Jake Taylor has been ripped off one too many times. Yet the letter from a woman claiming his cousin fathered her child feels real. His aunt and uncle are desperate for a grandchild. When the child’s aunt shows up in his office in place of the child’s mother, he smells fraud.

Secrets and lies bubble to the surface, threatening Ella and Jake’s growing attraction.In a minefield of divided loyalties, can Ella trust Jake to make the right decision about custody of Tessa?

Inkspell Publishing

Book 1 for The Anderson Sisters


Planting Hope

By Jennifer Raines

Gardener and loner Christopher (Kit) Silverton knows what it’s like to come from a violent home. Joining Mona Turner’s gardening-as-healing project for eight kids with backgrounds similar to his own is a no-brainer. Kit doesn’t expect to fall for the kids or to have to confront his fear that, like his father, violence lives within him.

Nursing is Holly Turner’s safe place, her vocation and her family, until she witnesses her best friend’s murder while on duty. Now adrift, she’s following music festivals down the Australian eastern seaboard, sometimes working, sometimes not. When her beloved grandmother, Mona, is injured, Holly rushes to her side.

Sparks fly when the gentle giant and the pink-and-green haired vagabond are forced to work together to prevent the collapse of Mona’s project. Can Kit and Holly combine dirt, seeds, plants, water and sunshine to create love?

RWAmerica Orange County Chapter – Orange Rose 2020:
1st place in the Contemporary Romance Category, and
2nd place overall for Planting Hope.

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