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Taylor’s Law

By Jennifer Raines

Tell me a secret and I’ll tell you a lie.

Ella Anderson adores her niece. Despite struggling to make ends meet, accepting her dying sister’s request she raise Tessa as her own is a no brainer. Until she receives a summons from a legal goliath on behalf of a wealthy stranger claiming paternity and, potentially, custody of her child.

Jake Taylor has been ripped off one too many times. Yet the letter from a woman claiming his cousin fathered her child feels real. His aunt and uncle are desperate for a grandchild. When the child’s aunt shows up in his office in place of the child’s mother, he smells fraud.

Secrets and lies bubble to the surface, threatening Ella and Jake’s growing attraction.In a minefield of divided loyalties, can Ella trust Jake to make the right decision about custody of Tessa?


Grace under Fire

By Jennifer Raines

Like big sister Ella (Taylor’s Law), Grace Anderson’s life was also changed forever when a developer, abetted by an unscrupulous lawyer, swindled her family out of prime farmland. Ella’s passionate about small “j” justice, Grace’s passion is to be the fifth generation to own and work the family farm—alone.

Neighbouring farmer Ryan Wilson has his own demons and eight years away hasn’t tamed them.

Grace is committed to the land, Ryan’s committed to leaving. No deal, until someone starts sabotaging the Anderson farm.

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