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In March last year, I’d barely begun my writer’s journey. I was feeling my way. I’m still feeling my way, but I’ve learnt a lot.

Things that have changed between then and now?

  • Taylor’s Law & Grace Under Fire (The Anderson Sisters) are published, available as e-books and paperbacks, and I’ve received some truly lovely reviews
  • I have publishing dates for four more of my books in 2023 (Planting Hope—July & Lela’s Choice—December) and in 2024 I start new series—Choosing Family (March & July)
  • I’m now on Instagram, and that’s a challenge when I’m more about what you see is what you get rather than glitz and glamour
  • juggling writing, promoting my work, working on covers, editing for contracted books, and simply living has become a more complicated enterprise. Just what is the right balance?

Things that haven’t changed?

  • I’m enriched and encouraged by the support of my loved ones, other writers and readers
  • I never get tired of hearing someone say they love one of my books, be it an editor, publisher, reader, or competition judge
  • I still need technical advice on the pitfalls of social media and Judy L Mohr remains a constant source of useful information. I started with Judy’s guide Hidden Traps: A Writer’s Guide to Protecting Your Online Platform, and continue to get useful information via  her blogs Black Wolf Editorial Services
  • I value V I Peace’s advice on content—for me that’s about improving the beginnings of my books, identifying if the internal/external conflicts are believable and will carry the story, consistency of characterisation and deeper POV. V provides feedback on shorter or longer excerpts depending on the content issue I’m seeking to resolve. I doubt if Masquerade (Inkspell Publishing, March 2023—Choosing Family, Book 1) would have made it to press, if it hadn’t been for V’s incisive, direct, but always constructive feedback. And I wanted that book to work. You can contact V by email or through her website

GIVEAWAY: To mark my first year I’m giving away a copy of Taylor’s Law & Grace Under Fire (The Anderson Sisters) to a new subscriber to my website before 20 April 2023.

Australia—paperback or e-book (winner’s choice); International—e-book.

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