2023 is here

Not everyone celebrates the new year on 1 January. In 2023 Chinese New Year falls on 22 January, Islamic New Year in mid-July, Jewish in mid-September, while other religions and states celebrate the new year on other dates. Not everyone is looking forward to what’s ahead. The world is beset by war, exploitation, inequality and climate disasters impacting unevenly on populations—things I find impossible to ignore.

But on some days I also need to draw breath and take a few hours away from the real world—even optimists need a little escapism from time to time, need to give ourselves a happy ending, even if it’s fleeting. That’s why I read and write romance.

In 2023 Inkspell Publishing will release three of my books (available for pre-order or purchase on My Books page):

  • Grace Under Fire—the second Anderson sister’s story (7 February 2023) e-book and paperback
  • Planting Hope–a standalone novel (July 2023)
  • Lela’s Choice—a standalone novel (December 2023)

2024 will bring a new series. At this stage it’s tentatively a five-book series looking for a name. I’ll be seeking suggestions when I’m further along. But I like single titles as well. So there will be a few of those in the ongoing mix.

And it’s hard to tell if it’s more or less stressful with each book. Will my readers like this one? Hate this one? Abandon me? Stress and excitement are intimately intertwined in the publication of a book.

A book, written by me, which I can hold in my hands. Wow! That’s a dream come true.

I’m also branching out in 2023, trying to get a bit more brand recognition. It sounds weird for those words to come out of my mouth. But to keep publishing I need an audience. You can find me on:

Join me in 2023.

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