Making it real – telling the world I’m a writer

I forgot to tell you I write romance. If you read my bio or found me via the romance tag on my FaceBook page or website you’ll have worked it out, but I’m new at this game of exposing myself and my thoughts.

So, I write romance, I’ve found a publisher for my first three books, and now I need to find you, my readers. For a complete technophobe that’s a daunting prospect. Fortunately help is always at hand. In this case, help appeared in the form of Judy L Mohr.

I met Judy at a New Zealand romance writers conference in 2018. Held in Auckland, it was an exciting conference, full of fascinating speakers, brilliant ideas and stimulating people. The buzz was still high at the end of the conference when a few people, with late flights or the need to unwind before going home to family, friends and pets, gathered in the lounge. I met Judy – ‘writer, editor and just plain crazy’ – to quote her. Judy’s a Kiwi, writer of thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, and non-fiction. She’s also a freelance editor with Black Wolf Editorial Services working on projects from writers around the world.

More to the point, I came home with Judy’s guide Hidden Traps: A Writer’s Guide to Protecting Your Online Platform.

Back in 2018, I didn’t have, and didn’t plan to have, an online platform. But my need to find readers has driven this journey. I’ve read Hidden Traps twice. I’ve dipped into it many more times. It’s readable, accessible and if you hook up with Judy’s blog, you have access to current challenges in the online world. Whether it be platforms, profiles, websites, blogs, social media or all the other paraphernalia associated with establishing a presence, this book asks the questions.

I’d still be tearing out my hair without Judy’s guidance. She’s made me feel more comfortable.

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